Mobile Cement Plant Process Flow Chart

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Mobile Cement Plant Process Flow Chart
The main raw materials used in the cement manufacturing process are limestone, sand, shale, clay, and iron ore. The main material, limestone, is usually mined on site while the other minor materials may be mined either on site or in nearby quarries. Another source of raw materials is industrial by-products. The use of by-product materials to replace natural raw materials is a key element in achieving sustainable development. In the wet process, the slurry is fed to a rotary kiln, which can be from 3.0 m to 5.0 m in diameter and from 120.0 m to 165.0 m in length. The rotary kiln is made of steel and lined with special refractory materials to protect it from the high process temperatures. Process temperatures can reach as high as 1450oC during the clinker making process. In the dry process, kiln feed is fed to a preheater tower, which can be as high as 150.0 meters. Material from the preheater tower is discharged to a rotary kiln with can have the same diameter as a wet process kiln but the length is much shorter at approximately 45.0 m. The preheater tower and rotary kiln are made of steel and lined with special refractory materials to protect it from the high process temperatures.

Mobile Cement Bag Packaging Plant
Our Mobile Cement Bag Packaging Plant mainly including Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant , Mobile Cone Crusher Plant , Mobile Impact Crusher Plant , the mobile cement bag packaging plant specification :1. Available in 2 - 6 Spouts model 2. Available in Wheel mounted or Fix Models. 3. Auto-weighing system with bag pushing system 4. Pre-assembled with solenoid valve, limit switch etc. 5 Sub-divided in to Heavy duty Air Compressor 6 Capacity : 10- 60 ton per hour. The black, nodular clinker is stored on site in silos or clinker domes until needed for cement production. Clinker, gypsum, and other process additions are ground together in ball mills to form the final cement products. Fineness of the final products, amount of...
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