Rotary Kiln Is the Strong Heart of Cement Plant

Topics: Cement, Cement kiln, Portland cement Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: March 29, 2012
The entire production process of cement could be summarized as "two mill one burn", which "burn" is the preparation of a good raw material, after grinding and burning under high temperature in rotary kiln clinker. Therefore, the rotary kiln cement production in the host, commonly known as the "heart" of the cement plant. Powerful "heart" of the cement factory - constant sharp rotary kiln, the building materials industry, the use of rotary kiln calcination of raw materials, its dimensional stability, strength increase, and then molding process. Often and ring in the rotary kiln production downtime manual cleaning of the way, now mostly used, but the impact on production,constant sharp rotary kiln clear ring machine to avoid this phenomenon. Can be a good deal with the phenomenon of ring formation. Ordinary rotary kiln is the artificial feeding and discharging or mechanical feeding, artificial discharge; the Hengrui rotary kiln mechanical feeding and mechanical unloading. Constant sharp rotary kiln is continuous operation, production, quality and labor productivity than the ordinary shaft kiln.According to the policy requirements of the Building Materials, a small cement plant application mechanized vertical kiln, gradually replacing the ordinary shaft kiln.The Hengrui rotary kiln wireless temperature measurement system, using the latest wireless communication technology, kiln thermocouple measured temperature data to the operating room display. The kiln temperature transmitter, battery-powered, can simultaneously acquire multiple thermocouple signal. Install it in a kiln, a rotation with the cylinder, take insulation measures, able to tolerate the tube radiation high temperature above 300 ℃, anti-rain, sunscreen, anti-vibration. Receiver installed in the operating room, and directly display the kiln temperature, and 4-20mA output can be sent to a computer or other instrument display. The equipment is not only a simple structure, easy to install, reliable,...
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