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The term social media define the attribution to the fact that it relates to the technology and platform to allow interactive web’s creation, collaboration and exchange of comments of the participants and public. Social media in today’s context changes the way of communicating between many users: business executives, individuals, as well as the public. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Youtube are examples of various user-driven (inbound marketing) channels that are widely used presently.

Define a Multinational Corporation
A multinational Corporation is an enterprise company (sometimes referred as transnational corporation) that operate in several countries but managed from (home) country. Such companies have offices or factories in everywhere and usually have centralized head office where global management are held. Example of MNC companies: Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, Apple and Tata Group.

Introduction of Facebook
Facebook is the world largest social media network service that launched in February 2004 exclusively for Harvard students. Due to the overwhelming demand, Facebook founder – Zuckerberg expand and build his facebook web within months. In the year 2011, Facebook announced an astonishing numbers of over 845 million users log into facebook every month and is one of the most trafficked websites in US and the growth has been impressive.

MNC benefits of using Social Media
Having mention about Facebook as a social media network, in MNC, people unknowingly used social media to connect to outside world eg: advertisement, newspaper (outbound marketing) and online social media platform (inbound marketing). Tata Docomo – conglomerate companies of Tata group is my choice where the MNC is highly influencing companies using social media today. Tata Docomo at first wasn’t very keen investing this social media marketing but later, they planned and implement a strategy that benefits them. Today, Tata almost uses every major social media platform out there to attract new customer by ‘Creating a new’ tagline. Aside from telecommunication, Tata itself has interest in terms of information technology, materials, services and even consumer products. Tata group has businesses across 6 continents with more than 80 countries with exporting of products and services and with a total of 114 companies and subsidiaries in 8 different sectors such as: Tata steel, Tata motors, Tata consultancy services, Tata sons, Tata chemicals, Tata power, Tata communications, Tata Technology etc (Kamath, 2011).

Enhance Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning through use of social media – Facebook With facebook platform, communication between consumers and Tata becomes much easier as facebook itself has an internal chat room platform which allows consumers/customer to have a direct communication with Tata. Consumers with queries or feedback can easily communicate through the use of the chat room platform too. In addition, with the unique creation of a profile page in facebook, Tata can easily add individual or corporation through the use of facebook profile or being added by 3rd party. As such, Tata will be able to reach out to the rest of the people all over the world. Knowledge management focus on comprehensive data gathers, sharing, and analyze its knowledge through its documents and people skills in order to address organizational goals / objectives. Challenge of selecting knowledge management system is crucial as it help to build or purchase its software that fits into the context of the plan and apart from this, it should encourage employees to make full use of the system and sharing information. Organizational learning helps the company in shaping the cultural differences of each individual by building, supplement and organise their knowledge and routine of their activities in order to adapt and develop common organisation goal. With this implementation, Tata Group would be greatly improve in its organisation management through...
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