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Rule No : 7

(approved by Senate No. 4, 3rd September 1997)

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 23 of the Constitution of Multimedia University, the President, upon the recommendation of Senate, has made, in accordance with the provision of the said Section, the following Rule.

1.This Rule may be cited as the Rule on Grading System of Examination Results and shall be deemed to have come into force on 1st July 1997. 2.The grading system shall be a Hybrid System where the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and Honour’s features shall be included. 3.Generally, students shall be evaluated through two (2) evaluation components, as follows: (a)final examination which shall constitute 50% - 70% of the total marks; and (b)course work, which includes test, quiz, project, laboratory report etc., which shall constitute 50% - 30% of the total marks. 4.Evaluation for the courses that are practical or design-based may be 100% on course work. 5.The following items pertaining to the grading system shall be determined by the relevant Board of Faculty and endorsed by the Senate: (a)implementation of the open book examination practice; (b)the percentage breakdown for the final examination and course work; and (c)the break down for course work.

6.(a)Students who are admitted to Multimedia University prior to Trimester I, Session 2000/2001 shall be allowed to opt for either Scheme of Marks & Grades (A) or Scheme of Marks and Grades (B) given below. b) Students who are admitted to Multimedia University on or after Trimester 1 Session 2000/2001, shall be governed under Scheme of Marks and Grades (B) given below. c) All students are governed under Scheme of Marks and Grades ( C ) given below on or after Trimester 1 2009/2010 7.(a)Scheme of Marks & Grades (A)

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