Managing Your Own Learning

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Assignment Brief
Title of Access to HE Diploma: Media Studies Unit code(s): HC7/2/LN/560 = L2 Pass HC7/3/LN/629 = L3 Pass

Unit title(s): Managing Own Learning

D5 Communication and presentation M D D6 Autonomy/Independence M D D7 Quality M D Learner:


Nigel Lindley

Title of Assignment:
Managing Own Learning

Assignment Number: 1 of 1 for this Unit

Description of Assignment: (Can be attached as a separate sheet if preferred) This assignments is designed for to reflect upon past, current and future progress on your course. This assignment is designed for you to reflect upon your course / life timetable and your ILP in relation to how you manage your learning and achievement. In this assignment you shall be expected to show a course / life timetable, your Portfolio Arch File, with Assignments graded inside, a Contents Page and a Tracker of your Grades. You will be expected to produce the above items and to give a reflective evaluation of how you use the timetable, ILP and Learning Styles. Date set: Tuesday 24 Jan 2012 Extension date (if agreed): Date for draft submission (if applicable): N/A Signed by Tutor/Assessor to agree extension: Date for final submission: Tuesday 7 February2012 Date submitted:

Learner declaration: I state that the attached work for assessment, herein, is my own and that the work of others has been referenced appropriately. I confirm that the writing herein, has been written by me and where I have used the writings of another I have acknowledged this with either quotation, reference, footnote or other citation. Signature: Date: TO THE LEARNER: Please attach this assignment brief to any written work you are handing in for assessment, or submit the brief as instructed. YOUR WORK CANNOT BE ASSESSED UNLESS YOU HAVE SIGNED AND SUBMITTED THIS FORM

AC no

Unit title: Managing Own Learning
Level Two Level Three


Produce a weekly timetable which identifies class contact time and private study sessions. Sign as Complete ……….

Evaluate working of a weekly timetable and suggest strategies for dealing with difficulties and interference. Sign as Complete ……….


Describe course expectations of attendance and punctuality.

Explain the reasons for course expectations of attendance and Sign as Complete ………. punctuality and how to manage Describe ways in which s/he will unavoidable absences from class. be assessed for accreditation Sign as Complete ……… Sign as Complete ………. Keep a detailed record of assignments Organise study materials into a set, and meet the deadlines. filing system Sign as Complete ……… Sign as Complete ………. Organise portfolio of evidence of Assemble portfolio of evidence of achievement for each module of study, achievement for each unit including a contents page and accredited. referencing all evidence to units Sign as Complete ………. Sign as Complete ………


Describe a number of different ways of learning including practical and academic Sign as Complete ……….

Analyse which learning style s/he has found particularly effective Sign as Complete ……….

Identify which learning styles s/he Sign as Complete ……… has found particularly effective Evaluate how learning a style has and identify the learning styles improved in the past year. h/she will need to acquire to Sign as Complete ……… improve own learning Sign as Complete ………. Identify short and long term learning targets and deadlines for achieving them. Sign as Complete ……… .

Explain how he/she can acquire a learning style that h/she will find useful

Tasks and links

Unit title: Managing Own Learning

Tasks: Produce a course / homework / work / private life Timetable Complete an up to date ILP – print it out Put your assignments that are graded + any other notes in an Arch File Insert a Contents* Page of Units to the Arch File Fill in a Grading Tracker* *this can be contents page and grading tracker combined

Research links: ILP, Life / Course Timetable, VLE,

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