MMI Product Placement: Communication and Personal Selling

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MMI Product Placement

Communication and Personal Selling

Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Brand awareness and recognition are very important factors for businesses. One of the key strategies is product placement. Business are increasingly using product placement in the overall marketing strategy. Many talent agencies and advertising agencies offer product placement services as this market is increasing.

MMI Product Placement is a pioneer in the business. They have been credited in many feature films and TV episodes. MMI increases brand awareness and positive brand association. MMI strives to select the best placement, negotiate the right contracts and provide exposure at an attractive price. Greyhound has enlisted MMI services for positive product awareness.

MMI must resolve issues before presenting Greyhound with an informative and productive presentation. MMI must reassure the apprehensive Greyhound that product placement would be an effective method for consumer awareness. MMI must decide which placement would be the best suited for the large intercity bus transportation company.

One script has been received, which would meet the requirements and marketing objectives. TV Serial “Making the Cut” would be an ideal placement; However, Phil Hart cannot provide a guaranteed viewership or detail of the demographics.

MMI has 4 alternatives to consider in deciding the best product placement strategy.

1. Product Placement on TV Serial “Making the Cut”
2. Product Placement on TV Serial “Corner Gas”
3. Product Placement on TV Serial “Canadian Idol”
4. Status Quo Do not pursue Greyhound

The recommendation is that MMI present Greyhound alternative #3, Product Placement in TV Serial in “Canadian Idol.” Canadian Idol has the target audience and the viewership that is required for Greyhound to meet their objectives. The contingency plan would be MMI use alternative #1, Product Placement in TV Serial in “Making the Cut.” The viewership and demographic would be close to the target audience.

MMI must convince Greyhound that product placement is the key to consumer and awareness. MMI must preserve the good relationship and effectively produce a product placement strategy to meet Greyhounds business objectives.

Problem Statements

MMI is presenting a marketing strategy to Greyhound. Greyhound is a large intercity bus transportation company who searching for a cost-effective method to communicate with its consumers. MMI Product Placement Inc feels that with proper product placement Greyhound will meet their objective. Greyhound has doubts about this marketing strategy and feels that more traditional advertising are more effective.

Greyhound is apprehension about the message being seen by the right viewers and be shown in an unfavourable light. It is difficult to see the benefits of product placement and is hard to measure. Since there are no performance metrics Greyhound is unsure that product placement will increase their business.

MMI must decide weather product placement of Greyhound in Making the Cut TV Serial would meet the promotional needs of Greyhound. MMI is unable to provide guarantee viewership or audience demographics on the TV serial. Therefore, MMI must convince Greyhound that product placement is worthwhile.

Company Objectives

MMI provides the best product placement services. They work as a talent agency to influence strong relationships with Canadian film industry executives. Their placement contracts are negotiated with the clients marketing strategy in mind. They provide value opportunities, which provide exposure at an extremely attractive cost. MMI chooses scripts that would best represent the brand of the client. Product placement allows heighted brand recognition.

Company Background

Pioneers in product placement MMI was established in 1985. MMI placed products over 2000 in feature films and TV episodes. MMI mandates that they will select...
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