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Executive Summary

MMI Product Placement (MMI), Inc. has an opportunity to represent Greyhound Canada as they look for cost effective ways to reposition their brand which they feel has become stale and are currently. Phil Hart, President of MMI, feels they are close to making a deal with Greyhound, but needs to alleviate Greyhound’s anxiety about product placement reaching the target market.

Greyhound is considering the use of product placement and has approached MMI Product Placement, Inc. for a proposal. Paul Dillon, Marketing Director for Greyhound, has concerns about measuring the effectiveness of product placement and needs reassurance that product placement will give Greyhound added exposure to the target market, which are the young professionals, aged 18 to 44.

An analysis of potential options was done. In the end, MMI looked at three options, one of which would be Greyhound continuing with its tradition advertising campaign, which would not be to MMI benefit at the present time. The other two alternatives looked at having product placement in either a proven show such as Corner Gas or in reality show that is being revived by Global TV, Making the Cut.

Both shows would attract Greyhounds target market, however given the fact that “Making the Cut” had so many unknown variables such as viewership and if the series would continue, it was decided to go with Corner Gas which is a well-established Canadian series with a loyal following.

Philip Hart will present a proposal to Mr. Dillon outlining the placement value of using product placement in a very successful Canadian series.

Problem Statement

Philip Hart, President of MMI Product Placements Inc. (MMI) needs to assure Paul Dillon Marketing Director for Greyhound the effectiveness of product placement. Phil has been asked to prepare a presentation in which he needs to make a convincing argument that product placement is the right promotional vehicle for Greyhound’s needs.

Situation Analysis

MMI must successfully convince Greyhound product placement (PP) can be advantageous. They must address Greyhound’s concerns about measuring the value of their placement. MMI’s company mandate is to select the best product placement for its clients, negotiate placement contract and offer value by providing exposure at an extremely attractive cost.

Greyhound’s brand is well recognized among Canadians, but its 75 year old brand has become stale and requires repositioning. A new marketing team has been brought in to create a new marketing strategy in order to build awareness that Greyhound is affordable and to remind consumers the next time they travel, Greyhound is a viable, convenient and safe option. One of Greyhound’s priorities is to wire all buses for internet access to meet customer needs.

Background and forecast
MMI was established in 1985 and has been a pioneer in PP in Canada. Since inception, it has placed over 2000 products in feature films and TV episodes. MMI’s strategy is to select the best placement opportunities for clients, negotiate contracts, and to offer value by providing exposure at a low cost per thousand viewers (CPM).

The PP process is sequential. MMI receives scripts, reads them with an eye of locating potential PP opportunities, notifies client of details, negotiate with production team, and offer support. MMI tracks and monitors PP and prepares inventory of scenes to client’s marketing team.

Greyhound, Canada’s largest provider of bus transportation is MMI’s prospective client. Greyhound is well known for medium and long distance commutes but also offers daily work commuting services. Greyhound is in the middle of a re-organization and has a new marketing team to revive the 75 year of brand positioning.


Strengths| Weaknesses|
* Pioneer in Canada, established 1985 * Over 2000 PP in films and TV shows * Great relationship with Canadian entertainment industry *...
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