Marketing and Salesmanship

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Customer service Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Marissa E. Ferrer June 19, 2012 BSBA-Marketing, Management Mrs Jagurin 1. Definition of Salesmanship.

Practice of investigating and satisfying customer needs through a process that is efficient, fair, sincere, mutually beneficial, and aimed at long-term productive relationship. Salesmanship is just persona selling - negotiating, emphasizing inducing and making the prospective buyer to take a decision in favor of going for the product being offered to him. In the words of W.G. Carter, "salesmanship is an attempt to induce people to buy goods." Today salesmanship is not only an effort to induce the people to buy. Instead, to put in the words of Whitehead, it is "the an of presenting art offering that the prospect appreciates the need for it and that a mutually satisfactorily sale follows." The mutual satisfaction is greatly emphasized in an salesmanship. W. Major Scot has regarded that "It is a part of a salesman's business to create demand by demonstrating that the need does exist, although before his visit there was no consciousness of that need." On Salesmanship G. Blake writes that "salesmanship consists of winning the buyer's confidence for the seller's house and goods thereby winning a regular and permanent customers." Emphasizing on lasting satisfaction. Paul W. Ivey defines the term salesmanship as "the art of persuading people to purchase goods which will give off lasting satisfactions." 2. Definition of career in sales

Career in sales
A path or progress through life or history  
A profession or occupation chosen as one's life's work  

3. Relationship of salesmanship in marketing, management. Integration of Salesmanship with marketing, management

* Aligning the sales plan with marketing plan.
* Marketing research
* Customer service
* Coordination
* Promotion ( including advertising, sales promotion,...
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