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Executive Summary
Samsung Electronics Company is one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics, home appliances, communication products and semiconductors products in the world. They wish to expand their dominance into the tablet market through its latest product Galaxy Tab 10.2. By the end of 2020, it is predicted that 10 billion mobile internet devices will be in use, up from current use of 2 billion (Morgan Stanley, 2011). Samsung’s entrance into this tablet market seems to be a very well calculated move, as the expected growth amongst this section is expected to be largest amongst computing devices, as illustrated in Exibit I. Furthermore, MorganStanley Research places Samsung in the top five companises across the globe to take advantage of such increase in computing devices, as a pioneer in processors, memory based storage (NAND) and other component supplier to other leading tablet makers (Morgan Stanley, 2011). Exibit1: Tablet Growth Market and Strategy

Exibit1: Tablet Growth Market and Strategy

This report will analyse the current marketing strategy implemented by Samsung Electronics in marketing their latest tablet Samsung Galaxy 10.2. Furthermore, the report will discuss the current product strategy, followed by promotion and pricing strategy respectively for this tablet. Finally it will provide conclusions and recommendations based on the findings from the previous sections.

Table of Contents
Marketing Strategies: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.2i
Executive Summaryii
1.0 Introduction1
2.0 Product and target market Description2
2.1 Product Description2
2.2 Market Description2
2.2.1 Demographic Base2
2.2.2 Psychographic base:2
2.2.3 Benefit base:3
2.2.4 Growth Prospectus:3
3.0 Product Strategy5
4.0 Promotion Strategy7
5.0 Pricing Strategy9
6.0 Marketing mix strategies11
7.0 Conclusion13
8.0 Recommendations14
Appendix 1 Galaxy Tab and Tab 2 10.2 vs iPad 2 and iPad 318
Appendix 2 : Comparison of other Tablets19

List of Figures
Exibit1: Tablet Growth Market and Strategyii
Exhibit 2: Use of Tablet and Traditional PC comparison3
Exhibit 3: Summary of Target Market Description4
Exhibit 4 Perceptual Map: Product Strategy5
Exhibit 5: Perceptual Map – Introductory Stage9
Exhibit 6: Perceptual Map – Maturity Stage10
Exhibit 7: Introductory/ Maturity Stage Comparison10
Exhibit 8: Current Market Share11
Exhibit 9: Angry mob pelts eggs at Apple store in China over iPhone 4S release12

1.0 Introduction
Samsung Electronics Company is one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics, home appliances, communication products and semiconductors products in the world. Samsung brand is one of the leading consumer electronic brands in the world, which is the global leader in monitors and televisions. In 2011 financial year, Samsung Electronics recorded revenue of US$ 142.4 billion worldwide (Datamonitor 2012). In 2009, the company became the world's-largest IT producer, surpassing Hewlett-Packard (Datamonitor 2012). Its sales revenue in the areas of display devices (LCD and LED) and memory chips is the world's highest (Morgan Stanley 2011). Samsung Electronics controls 22.1% market share in the global television market, 25.7% in the global large LCD panel market, 20% in the global laser printer market, 20.6% in the global phone industry and 9.4% in the global semiconductor industry (Datamonitor 2012). Samsung strong market position strengthens Samsung’s brand image and gives it competitive advantage. Their new product Samsung galaxy Tab 10.2 is designed to cater to this latest tablet market which possesses enormous potential for them, as well as their competitors. Gartner Inc (2012) predicts that worldwide media tablet sales to end users are forecasted to total 118.9 million units in 2012, a 98 percent increase from 2011 sales of 60 million units. Furthermore, their...
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