Impact of Advertisment

Topics: Advertising, Brand, Graphic design Pages: 4 (1045 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Impact of advertising on consumer
this study aims to analyze the effect of advertisement on the mind of consumer. The impact of advertisement on the consumer’s cognitions, affection, purchases behaviors.

Saving of time and cost

Facilitate recall

The world is becoming a common market place in which people, no matter where they live, desire the same products and life style, as propounded by Levitt (1983). Any business needs to advertise and promote to attract customers. However, that doesn’t mean it can just put out company’s message and start counting the new customers. Brand and brand images could be standardized without any problem across countries. Advertising could lead to significant saving in producing advertising. According to Dahl (2005), it could also lead to saving of time and money with respect to cost of design. Most multinational companies feel that international brands should create a global image. By purchasing it, they will receive the same benefits, whether they be life-style, status, convenience or financial. Global consumer culture positioning through a recognized set of symbols can enhance meaningful advertisements (Aldenet al., 1999).Advertising and promotion affect consumers in ways we might find surprising. We need to know these effects before we launch campaign. This led to increase awareness of consumer about the product. It presumes that advertising and promotion offer a news function to consumers. Viewers of ads learn about new products and services available to them, much like they learn about events in the news. (Kevin Johnston, 1975). Marketers include brand awareness and brand recognition as two of their top objectives for their online marketing efforts (Hollis, 2005). If, however, the function of online advertising is to support a company or product brand, as researchers have suggested (Briggs and Hollis, 1997; Dre `ze and Hussherr, 2003; Yoo, 2009), then empirical evidence more appropriate...
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