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Short Assignment 2 – Identity Narrative

We have been talking about Ethnography, which very simply put, creates a narrative based on field research about a particular group or culture. As practice for your own group Ethnography projects, you will write a short personal narrative, which uses digital technology, narrative elements and rhetorical appeals to tell your story. You are expected to create a map of a city of your choice and tell your story, your personal narrative, in Google Maps. Your composition must have at least five locations points. Each of the points should have a short “blurb” description. I strongly encourage you to think about how your experience connects to either a larger social issue or something you learned—about yourself, your surroundings, or the world. You are to use Google Maps as an aid to help you tell your story. Consider how readers will navigate through your locations and how Google Maps functions to help you tell your story. In addition to your map, you will write a narrative and short reflection of at least 1 1/2 pages. (Keep in mind, however, what you must cover in your narrative and reflection and you might find yourself writing more.) You are to write the narrative of your journey and then in a separate paragraph, discuss your rhetorical situation (author, topic, purpose, audience) in your project and describe why you made certain rhetorical choices. For example, consider why did you pick those five places?  What is your role as an author for this assignment? Who is your audience? How did your audience affect the choices you made? What did you learn? How did you use the Google Maps to help you tell your story? If time allows, you will give a very brief presentation/summary of your narrative and choices, in class.

Choosing a Subject
Start by thinking about locations or events that have meaning to you. Make a list of at least three. Consider why these places or events appeal to you and what you might want...
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