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Topics: Skin, Face, Sleep Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Aaron Kozlowski
Creative Writing
Journal Week 5

1. Write a brief description of your hometown - as if it were the setting for a work of fiction.
Minneapolis, close to downtown, where the small yet large skyscrapers hide the sun. The yellow building, well actually more of amber gold looks like an angry face. The windows and deep shadows form the figure of demon smiling, deviously teasing back at me while I breathe slowly on my bedroom window, creating a cloudy condensation that I use to trace a face on. A small spider has made a large web in the corner of my window screen and the silk is translucent and reflects the last slivers of light peeking over the banister. The spider looks like the consistency of wax and moves cunningly and robotically as jumps from one side of the web to other.

I should be sleeping, the street lights are out and everyone else is sleeping but I never go to sleep until I see the angry face. I can hear sirens in the distance and without them I get nervous and it seems like something is wrong. The air smells of summer and worms and the street is slightly reflective and mirrored images of the street lights dance across its surface. The tarmac is cracked and small anthills fill their edges. Tiny grains of sand, something that seems so small to me are boulders for the insects that transport them. A small crab apple tree grows in the neighbor’s yard and when they impact the skin a burning sensation sets in after the welts appear. Buckets full of water catch falling raindrops and the sounds of them create a natural lullaby that helps me sleep. 2. A random story.

Transient beams line the street. Pink and aqua colors dominate the storefronts and broken servants sing broken English under tin roofs. Servants come in all shapes and sizes but the most common one is a neutral color and its eyes follow you around which make them even scarier. They are supposedly outlawed Uerasia but very few immigrants visit our side of the...
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