Topics: Elizabeth I of England, Spanish Armada, Philip II of Spain Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Task 4: Why did Philip II send the Spanish Armada to attack England in 1588?

In this essay I am going to talk about the question asked above, ‘Why did Philip II send the Spanish Armada to attack England?’ There are many reasons of which could have provoked Philip the second to attack England. Perhaps this attack was fuelled by rage against a certain English man, a difference in opinion, certain event against Englishmen at sea or even the pain of a previous wife who was residing in England, being killed. In this essay I will explain each of the reasons. The first reason at hand which was rage against a certain English man. This English man’s name was Sir Francis Drake and he was the captain of a ship named ‘Cacafuego’ he was also a privateer employed by Elizabeth I. The captain sailed around the world but a certain event happened on the 20th April 1587 which severely upset Philip the Second of Spain. On the date of the 20th April Sir Francis Drake docked in the Cadiz Harbour and when Sir Francis Drake arrived there he set fire to 30 royal Spanish Warships. This was one of the reasons that Philip II set the Spanish Armada as this angered Philip and made him feel like he must take revenge on the English people who destroyed ships that he could have used to fight his battles. The second reason I believe that Philip of Spain sent the Spanish Armada was due to the fact that England was Protestant. At the time of 1588, Europe experienced the Renaissance, where there was a split in religion between Catholic and Protestants and at that time Spain was Catholic due to Philip being Christian and England was Protestant due to Elizabeth I being Catholic. Philip the second also wanted to overthrow England as he held a grudge against Elizabeth as in 1559 Philip asked Elizabeth to marry him, unfortunately Elizabeth denied and this was an insult to Philip. On the same topic of marriage, When Philip II heard that Elizabeth had executed his ex-wife, Mary, Queen of Scots in 1587...
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