Topics: Religion, Person, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Describe the individual factors that make a person who they are, by giving examples of each of the following factors Physical characteristics: Physical characteristics are peoples first image of you and are usually what people would use to describe who they are, These include your height, weight,hair colour, eye colour, sex,age,skin colour and facial features. An example of someones personal characeteristics are Cheryl cole has brown hair, Brown eyes and is female. Emotions: Emotions are inner which means that they arn't as obvious to other peole as your physical characteristics but that doesnt mean that people carnt work out your emotions as facial expressions and body language can often display emotions, Not everyone will display emotions the same way as you may display emotion yourself. Some emotions are Anger, love/acceptance, enjoyment/happiness/joy, fear, sadness and disgust. For example someone whos sad may cry and find comfort from other people but also someone that is sad may just keep it to themselves and want to be alone. Likes and dislikes: Everyone has different likes and dislikes such as food, music, clothes, activites, films, tv programmes, books and many more. Friends often have similer likes and dislikes, relatives dont always have the same likes and dislikes as its not in your genes to like certain things. Your likes and dislikes can be influenced by different people such as your mum listening to a certain genre of music from you been a child therefore you have grown to know that type of music and may now dislike or like it. Your friends dressing a certain way can also infulence you and you could want to dress similar. Values and beliefs: Beliefs are something which you regard as true and a value is something that means that it is worth something to you, Beliefs and values are something in which you have been brought up to believe in or can be something in which you have gained knowledge of and strongly belief in. People share beliefs for...
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