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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Photograph 1 11
Photograph 1 11


Tourism is a type of travel for recreational, leisure and/or business purposes. Tourism is very important and for some countries it is vital. It has become increasingly popular and it has now become a ‘popular global leisure activity’. It is very important that tourism should be managed because if it isn’t it can ruin tourist attractions, scenery and beautiful landscapes. In order for tourism to be managed there needs to be facilities, such as litter bins because if there is litter everywhere people would probably not want to visit again, so therefore with litter bins there would be hardly any litter and people would want to visit again. Also there needs to be other vital facilities such as disabled ramps so everyone can access the place they are visiting’s attractions. The topic that I am working on at the moment is: ‘Strategies to manage tourism are more effective in some areas than others’ and my hypothesis is: ‘Management of visitors is more effective at The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon than at The Herbert Art Gallery & Coventry Cathedral, Coventry’. I visited both of these locations with the school. On Monday 28th May 2012 I visited Stratford and I had several sheets and a map to fill out to express my views on the place I visited. Included in these sheets I had: a Questionnaire (to ask people who live there what their views were of the place I visited), a Map of the place I was visiting (having to fill out what I saw onto the map for example: If I saw a shop I would have a key & add what the key said for ‘Retail’ onto the map, in the right place), a Accessibility Survey and a Bipolar Recording Sheet. We were basically expressing out views on what Stratford was like… On Wednesday 30th May 2012 I visited Coventry and yet again I had several sheets and a map to fill out to express my views on the place I visited.

Coventry is the 11th largest city in the UK and its population has risen to 315800 in 2010. It is situated in the West Midlands and has a lot of historical history. It is famous for watchmaking, the ribbon industry and the motor industry. That’s why in Coventry there is a motor museum because that is what Coventry is famous for. Also Coventry is famous for its Cathedral that got bombed in World War II but still has got its remains. 4.3 million Trips are undertaken in Coventry per year, £351 million tourist expenditure per year in Coventry, 6,333 No. of jobs linked to tourism in Coventry and 23% of visitors stay with friends and family per year. Stratford

Stratford is the birthplace of William Shakespeare and most people go there because of that reason. It’s an interesting place and also so as Coventry has a lot of history. Stratford’s population is 24’000 and is also known and famous for its malting industry. Stratford is a lovely place that has a lot to offer including a superb riverside setting, historic houses and the famous theatre.

Data Collection and Methodology
Data Collection and Methodology
Primary Data
Land Use Surveys:
How I did my land-use survey was I walked around the places I visited which was Stratford and Coventry with a A4 papered map of the place I was visiting that day marking down facilities and things I saw such as litter bins and trees whilst I was walking around. I collected this data because it was vital information I needed to know in order to meet the hypothesis as my land-use survey explained to me when I got back to school what facilities and the things I marked down on the map, such as litter bins, trees and other things I saw. If I did this again I would definitely look around more and try not to forget to mark down things I saw at the places I visited onto the map.

Bi-Polar Analysis:
How I did my bi-polar analysis was by answering 6 questions I needed to answer out of 5 [1 being poor and 5 being excellent] on the place I had visited that day. I collected...
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