Mis in Banking Sector

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Md. Akhtar Asif ID: 1110837030
Ishtiak Khan ID: 1220203030 Md. Aqibul Haque ID: 1130442030 Jobayer Bin Hasnat ID: 1220494030

Rafat Mafruz ID: 053467045

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Instructor: Ashik Imran Khan Introduction to Computers (MIS 105) Section: 2

Letter of Transmittal

22 July, 2012.
Ashik Imran Khan
School of Business,
North South University,

Subject: Submitting the project paper on “MIS in Banking Sector”.
Respected Sir,
We are honored to present you our project paper on the topic: “MIS in Banking Sector”. As you have assigned us to do as our term paper as a partial requirement of the course. We are looking forward for your sincere judgment regarding this report.

We tried our level best to fulfill the requirement of this project by engaging ourselves seriously and giving our best effort to prepare this report. Working hard for this project make us able to understand the core concepts of “Management Information System” which we think will be very useful in our professional life.

Your kind acceptance and any type of appreciation would surely inspire us. If you need any further information, we will be available at your service at any time.

Sincerely yours,

Md. Akhtar Asif ID: 1110837030
Ishtiak Khan ID: 1220203030
Md. Aqibul Haque ID: 1130442030
Jobayer Bin Hasnat ID: 1220494030
Rafat Mafruz ID: 053467045
Table of Contents
Name of The Topics| | Pg. Number|
1.0 Introduction| | 6|
1.1 Origin of the Report| | 6|
1.2 Purpose of the Report| | 7|
1.3 Sources of the Data| | 7|
2.0 Background | | 8|
3.0 Management Information System| | 9|
3.1 Definition of MIS| | 9|
3.2 Benefits of MIS| | 9|
3.3 Importance of MIS| | 10|
3.4 Technology and Bank Transformation| | 10|
3.5 Impact of IT on Service Quality| | 11|
3.6 Impact of IT on Banking System| | 11|
3.7 Traditional System of Banking| | 12|
3.8 New Relationship Oriented Banking| | 13|
4.0 MIS to the Organization| | 14|
5.0 Technical Operations of Banks| | 18|
5.1 Banking System| | 18|
5.2 Communication with other banks| | 19|
5.3 Communication with Foreign Banks| | 19|
5.4 Using MIS for Clients’ Service| | 20|
6.0 Security Aspects of MIS| | 24|
6.1 Privacy and Confidentiality of Data| | 24|
6.2 Safety measures of Privacy and Confidentiality of data| | 25| 7.0 Conclusion| | 26|
8.0 References| | 27|


First of all, we thank to Almighty Allah who has provided us the great opportunity to complete this report successfully. This is our attempt to present in writing this project what we have learned as the students of MIS: 105 (Management Information System).

Secondly, we would like to express our gratefulness to our MIS 105 faculty instructor Ashik Imran Khan (AIK) for what he has taught us in the whole semester and we would like to express our gratitude for that. During the process of the whole project he has given us time and concentration for which we are really thankful to him. Finally, we would like to add few more words saying that, this report is prepared by novice and naturally, there could be unwilling errors and omissions, which are not done intentionally. Hence, we have taken help from different people for preparing our report and without their help we could not have been able to complete this.

Last but not the least; we...
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