Mis Form Assignment

Topics: Management, Internet, Business Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Part 1: Chapter 7
Explore the Web site of online employee monitoring software such as SpectorSoft or SpyTech NetVizor and answer the following questions. 1. What employee activities does this software track? What can an employer learn about an employee by using this software? (10 Points) 2. How can businesses benefit from using this software? (10 Points) 3. How would you feel if your employer used this software where you work to monitor what you are doing on the job? Explain your answer. (10 Points) Part 2: Chapter 8

Businesses today have a choice of whether to outsource the security function or maintain their own internal staff for this purpose. Use the internet to research and evaluate security outsourcing services. As an information systems expert in your firm, you have been asked to help management decide whether to outsource security or keep the security function within the firm. Search the web to find information to help you decide whether to outsource security and to locate security outsourcing services. · Present a brief summary of the arguments for and against outsourcing computer security for your company. (15 Points) · Select two firms that offer computer security outsourcing services, and compare them and their services. (10 Points) Part 3: Chapter 9

Provide a scenario demonstrating your understanding of Supply chain management through the use of an example of supply chain management in Belize. (20 Points)

Part 4: Chapter 10
You would like to set up a Web site to sell towels, linens, pottery, and tableware from Belize and are examining services for hosting small business Internet storefronts. Your Web site should be able to take secure credit card payments and to calculate shipping costs and taxes. Initially you would like to display photos and descriptions of 40 different products. Visit Yahoo! Small Business, GoDaddy, and Volusion and compare the range of e-commerce hosting services they offer to small businesses, their...
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