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The advantages of digital mosaics are;
1. Easy to understand User Interface
2. They are relatively cheap and easy to make.
3. Additional copies of the original digital mosaics can be quickly and cheaply produced.

Effective to display broad project outlines.
Title blocks and lettering can easily be added to a digital image.

The disadvantages of mosaics are

Joins between consecutive photos will not exactly align. Detail such as multiple roads will not adjoin along the length of the join between two photographs. Magnification of images will concurrently magnify the misclose between joins.

Mosaics are constructed from photographs and suffer from image displacement and scale variations. Distances, angles and areas will only be approximate and should not be measured from these images.

Digital overlays can be included with digital mosaics but the image will not represent the true position and hence may not align with design overlays.

Scanning resolution will restrict magnification (enlarging areas) on digital mosaics.

A standard for digital images has been created for Main Road products. Mosaics can be requested from consultants by using a standard mosaic fax and the "67-08-12 Digital Rectified Image Standard".

As Mosaic was one of the first web browsers the end user had an enjoyable and pleasant time using it. They get up-to-date information at the touch of a button and this browser started the popularity of the Internet. This software is committed to delivering high performance programs and other services on a day-to-day basis. It also helps increase the knowledge of employees in an organization. Employees can also get a good understanding of what is happening internally and externally. Mosaic is a reliable web browser to use and has an easy installation process suitable even for novices. DISADVANTAGES

* The main disadvantage with the mosaic browser is that it was stopped in 1997 which means that although you...
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