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  • Published : November 19, 2008
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What are the various classifications of MIS? Explain the various views of MIS structure? Give suitable examples. MIS is classified into various types. The classification depends on the following aspects - a)Functionality

b) Utility
c) Area of application
d) Processing type
e) Frequency of usage
Functionality :Various management activities like the one which deals with scheduling, planning, resource allocation, product design, processes, competitive strategy are the functional classification of MIS. Utility :Some of the processes like artificial intelligence, generating management related information, providing aid in decision making, necessary support systems, executive information system are the utility classification of MIS. Areas of Application :Depending upon the area where MIS could be used MIS is classified as Banking IS, Insurance IS, Production IS, Data warehouse IS, Public IS etc. Processing Type: Depending upon the type of management service in processing a data to generate information, MIS is classified into various processing types like Online transactions, Batch processing, distributed processing, multiprocessing etc. Frequency of usage: A MIS system is a system in which there is a constant need for review of the system. A mechanism can be built in the system to look into its performance and the outcome of such performed tasks may be assessed. This may be done periodically at fixed interval of time. Such mechanisms are categorized under MIS classification of frequency.

Though different types of IS exists in any organization, they are related to each other directly or indirectly. The information generated in one department may be used by another department to generate further information to be used by other departments and so on. Thus there exists a relationship between various types of IS being used in any organization.

There are six major types of information systems.
Transaction processing systems ~TPS) -...
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