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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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2. Differentiate between the HOT, Cold na Warm site
3. 3 primary side effects of expanded use of information technology. Explain 4. Cloud computing its benefits and challenge

The three primary areas where enterprise architects focus when maintaining a firm's MIS infrastructure are: Supporting operations: Information MIS infrastructure identifies where maintained and secured. Supporting change: Agile MIS infrastructure includes the hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment that, when combined, provides the underlying foundation to support the organization's goals. Supporting the environment: Sustainable MIS infrastructure identifies ways that a company can grow in terms of computing resources while simultaneously becoming less dependent on hardware and energy consumption. Identify the environmental impacts associated with MIS. 

Increased energy consumption, increased electronic waste, and increased carbon emissions are all associated with MIS. Ewaste refers to discarded, obsolete, or broken electronic devices. Sustainable MIS disposal refers to the safe disposal of MIS assets at the end of their life cycle

2. Differentiate between the HOT, Cold and Warm site

* Hot site - A separate and fully equipped facility where the company can move immediately after a disaster and resume business * Cold site - A separate facility that does not have any computer equipment, but is a place where employees can move after a disaster Warm site – A separate facility with computer equipment that requires installation and configuration

What are the Benefits of Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage has several benefits. First of all, it is very convenient. It’s not hard to access the information that’s stored on the cloud. Furthermore, the stored information is accessible from any location that has Internet, so it’s very useful and more convenient than hard drives or even external hard drives.

There’s no worry about the eventual failure of a hard drive...
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