Mirco/Hiv Case Study

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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1.a Reverse transcriptase is a protein brought into the cell by the virus its job is to take the RNA and convert it into DNA to make genetic information that the host cell can read and recreate copies of the RNA virus only in DNA form b. A virus basically consists of a protein capsule with nucleic acid inside which could be made of DNA or RNA (DNA is what we use for genetic material) A retrovirus is different from other viruses because of how they function in replicating its genetic materials retrovirus is made of single strand of RNA and need reverse transcriptase to take RNA to DNA.(answers.yahoo.com) C In order to infect a cell a retrovirus has to recognize and bind to a specific protein like a lock in key mechanism allowing the virus to dock and its lipid membrane either fuses with the human cell’s membrane or the virus is brought in by endocytosis and the contents of the virus are released inside the cell then the retrovirus uses reverse transcriptase to takes its RNA and make it into DNA this newly made DNA is integrated into the genome of the human cell. The human cell uses all 9 genes as it would its own, now producing all the proteins and RNA needed to make more virus particles 2.a. T cell is a type of lymphocyte or white blood cell involved in the functions of the immune system. B. killer T cells or cytotoxic T lymphocytes recognize human cells that have already been infected by virus their job is to kill infected cells Helper T cells are organizing centers of the immune system they tell the other Tcells and B cells what to do without them the Tcells and B cells do not work very effectively. C. Killer Tcells job is to kills viruses and Helper T cells jobs is to be the immune systems boss and tell the killer T cells and B cells what to do. D. Molecularly killer T cells are different because of protein CD8 on outer surface of cell and Helper T cells have a protein CD4 on their outer surface. 3.A Helper T cells are targeted by HIV on...