Mini-Case Facing Termination

Topics: Vice President of the United States, Computer software, Computer Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Why do you think you made these mistakes?

Please start this case discussion from the point of view that you are the main character - that is you are the Vice President of Marketing.

So you may start the discussion beginning with "I am to blame for the current state of affairs because I did not understand ... "  (fill in why you are to blame, what did you not do and what did you do that helped create the current situation)

I am to blame for the current state of affairs because I did not do enough test and deep investigation for the new software program. Honestly, I don’t know this software really well. All I did just heart about some overstate features from attendant at the booth, read some material about it and called a couple of friends who had installed it in their organizations. I even don’t know what is defect of this software and what should I do if the software failed to operation. I didn’t prepare any plan B for this giant program. Blindness and inexperience make me didn’t do enough preparation work. In addition, I don’t have enough supporter or helper. My colleague, even when Jenny done to install the software, seem not interested in this program and very few people access to try. Facing this negative attitude, I just sit there and expect they will see the advantages of new sales process instead of try hard to let my colleague know more about the new software. I was rely on IT too much and ignore how important communication with people. I supposed to learn a lot from Tom who is an excellent salesman and has wide social network. I was just thinking he is old-fashion people but didn’t notice why he could be vice president how was he persuade people. Also, even myself, feel ironic because I never concern myself with all that techie computer stuff. If I couldn’t get into software, how I could promote this program related to computer stuff. When Jenny working on accounting system, I supposed to digging why there was a lot of buzz around their product...
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