Military and Corporate Strategy

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Business and Management


Military and corporate strategy

Corporate and Business Strategies


Alexandre de Rodellec

Bettina Voisin

Fleur Bazin

Alicia Dutheil

Aimeric Raynaud


Stake of the topic
Definition of key words
Establishment of paradoxes
Issue as a question form
Announcement of the plan

I. The historical origin of strategy

A. The birth of military strategy: Sun Tzu

- Main actors

- Historic main events of the evolution

B. The concept of business strategy

- What is strategy about?

- Different kind of company

- Strategic analysis

II. The relation between military strategy and business strategy

A. Internal relationship: exploitation of resources

- Human resource

General / CEO

Soldiers / Employees

- Capital resource

B. External relationship: taking into account the environment

- Competitors

- Unpredictable factors

- Customers

III. The limit of using a military strategy in a company

A. Limits on strategic choices

B. The importance of empowerment



If it is legitimate for those working in industry to use phrases like ‘we have won the battle for industry leadership’, ‘we have successfully defended our market position’, or ‘we have made a killing on the stock market’, there is a link suggested between military and business thinking. Both type of organization are involved in a competitive environment; armies fight for territories and business corporation fight for market share. Both seek to identify a way of winning and both define this process as ‘strategy’.

By the early eighties, some business strategists realized that they did not take into account a large knowledge relying on military strategy. They started their analysis by investigating three old reference books on military strategy. Those three works inspired them and lead to the apparition of marketing warfare books. From Sun Tzu, business strategist learned the tactical side of military strategist. From Von Clausewitz, they learned the dynamic and unpredictable nature of military strategy. Finally, from Mao Zedong they became familiar with the principles of guerilla warfare. At that time, much of the predominant management philosophy involved directly applying classical military strategy to business.

Definition of key words:

Military strategy:

Military strategy is the set of ideas implemented by military organizations to pursue desired strategic goals. Strategy comes from Greek strategos, which refers to a military general and combine stragos “the army” and agos “to lead”. Strategy when it appeared in use during the 18th century was seen as “the art of arrangement”. Military strategy deals with the planning and conduct of campaigns, the movement and disposition of forces, and the defeat of the enemy. Strategy, which is a sub-discipline of warfare and of foreign policy, is a principal tool to secure national interests. Corporate strategy:

Corporate strategy is the approach to future that involves examination of the current and anticipated factors associated with customers and competitors (external environment) and the firm itself (internal environment), envisioning a new or effective role for the firm in a creative manner, and aligning policies, practices, and resources to realize that vision.

Relation: mutual dealings or connections among persons or groups.

Establishment of paradoxes:

On the one hand, a military strategy is about beating an enemy and is implemented in order to get a victory. In this way of thinking it’s essential to underline the destructive aspect of a war. We are talking about human’s life....
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