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Topics: Milgram experiment, Stanley Milgram, Stanford prison experiment Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Individual task for CA2.

Provide a brief description of the study in your own words (this should be no more than 350 words). Milgram started his obedience study experiments in 1961.He was highly influenced by the defense of criminal Adolph Eichmann used second world war that he was simply following instruction when he ordered death of millions of jews. He carried out his experiment in Yale University to check whether people obey the orders of authority figure to cause pain to a stranger. The participants of this experiment were recruited through newspaper ads and each person was paid for their participation. Milgram stated that the experiment was subjected to study the punishment on learning. The teacher was asked to administrate the electric shocks of increasing voltage to learner for every wrong answer he made in word-memory experiment. A fake lottery was conducted to select the learner and teacher. But participants are always asked to take the role of teacher and learner was a confederate who was pretending to be shocked. Milgram developed intimidating shock equipment with shock levels starting from 30 volts to 450 volts. Some switches were named us “slight shock”, ”moderate shock” and “Danger- severe shock”. As the experiment progressed , the "learner" would begin to grunt at 75 volts; complain at 120 volts; ask to be released at 150 volts; and let out screams at 285 volts. Eventually, the learner was to yell loudly and complain of heart pain. At some point the actor would refuse to answer any more questions. Finally, at 330 volts the actor would be totally silent-that is, if any of the teacher participants got so far without rebelling. Teachers were instructed to treat silence as an incorrect answer and apply the next shock to the student. If at any point the teacher hesitated to inflict the shocks, the experimenter would pressure him to proceed. Almost all participants showed some distress or fear about the health of learner but they continue to give...
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