Michael Dell: Founder of the Dell Computer Corporation

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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Nick O’Brien

Mr. Poeschl

Introduction to Business, Block 3

26 February 2012

Michael Dell
It is vey impressive when you are in high school and you make 18,000 dollar selling magazines which is more than what your History and economics teachers make. Michael Dell founded the Dell Computer Corporation on November 4, 1984. He is the founder, chief executive officer and the chairman of the company. Dell is the 44th richest man is the world today according to Forbes.com/wealth/billionaires/list. Michael Dell, at the age of seven bought his first calculator. When Dell was an early teen-ager he invested money he made from part time jobs on precious metals in the stock market. The first computer he bought was an Apple 2. He took it apart very shortly after getting it to see how it worked.

Michael Dell was born on February 23, 1965 in Houston Texas. His mother was a stockbroker and his father was an orthodontist. He went to Herod Elementary School and Memorial High School in Houston. When he was eight years old he applied for a high school equivalency exam. He went to college at the University of Texas Austin and was studying to become a doctor because that was what his parents wanted him to become. He later dropped out college once he got his business going.

When Dell was younger he loved to play and tinker with computers and he kept his interest all the way into college. In college he started a small informal business of making personal computer upgrade kits then selling them to students on campus. He was selling the kits out of his college room without his parents knowing. They didn’t want him to be working with computes because they wanted him focused on his schoolwork. Dell thought that a company would save money being the manufacturer selling the computers directly to the buyers. This way they would not have to deal with the markups from the middlemen. Dell started the company “PC’s Limited” in January 1984. PC’S Limited sold between...
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