Steve Jobs

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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“Steve Jobs Secret”

Steve Jobs was born on February 24 1955, in Los Altos California. He studied as an undergraduate: physics, literature, and poetry, at Reed College, Oregon, an interesting combination of subjects. I admire so much Steve jobs because I think he is a good example to follow. He taught us many things such as how to get up again and again after falling many times. One of his main characteristics is that he was too perfectionist and it was very important to achieved all his goals. He always was concerned about the small details, which made the difference between another people. Sometimes I think that if I do the things well is enough but he made all the things in a perfect way, and tried and tried everything to get the perfection. That’s the secret! I also admire to him that he always made all the products thinking in the users. He thought everyone that wants to use his products should use them without a manual and if they use the manual it has to be necessarily it has written for kids. He was always focusing to make simple products and he worked for them with his complete team. He was always involved in all the projects and worked very hard for them. Steve not only gave orders to his workers and leaved them working alone; he was always on the lookout for the little details. One of the main objectives for Jobs was to create an emotional bond between the user and the product. I guess this is the most important success because he got the people in to love his products because they are very simple to use and have the highest technology that people need to improve all the time mistakes and make them perfect. Steve had an idea that Apple should have a simpler structure; Jay Elliot (He was executive vice president of Apple Computer, responsible for all corporate operations and in all areas reported directly to Steve Jobs. He was present at the creation, development and launch of the Macintosh computer. While at Apple company sales increased by more...
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