Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Dell

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Asset, Balance sheet Pages: 11 (2423 words) Published: December 25, 2012
2. Accounting functions
This chapter will discuss the organization of Dell in general and provide insights about the Dell business. Will discuss the different stakeholders who are interested in Dell Company and what the key resources of Dell are. Will see the role of accounting within the organization and the accounting software, if any, they use. 2.1. About Dell

Michael dell is the founder for Dell Company. Michael, with twenty seven years old, was the youngest CEO of a fortune 500company in 1992. He started by selling computers to the customers directly bypassing the middleman. Michael emphasis was not just on good machine, but strong customer support and cheaper price. Dell is one of the leading companies in technology field. The company founded in 1984, helped a lot in the technology and technical solutions. Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams (Dell website). There are a lot of products of Dell. Dell introducing desktops, laptops, printers, servers and other service and IT solutions like cloud computing, networking, etc. Thus, dell serves and provides solutions for home, small, medium and large business. As one of the computer companies and due the rapid change in the technology field the competition was and still vast between computer companies. Dell was one of the first companies that enter the market of computers hence reserve a place to itself. Dell in 1992 entered more than 30countries you can imagine how many countries deal with dell today. I think all the countries have Dell dealers or distribution channels.

2.2. Stakeholders
Stakeholders refer to everyone or every part gets benefit or affect by a company. For Dell, since dell a multinational company I will identify different stakeholders who are interested in Dell. 2.2.1. Employees

Dell is a well know organization hence everyone would like to work for it. The success that the company made and the distribution of the company by crossing the boarders and go out of USA to reach, almost, the entire world make the people apply to work for Dell. Everyone looking for stability in his work and they see that the international companies, Dell as example, will guarantee this stability to them and furthermore, will provide a very good wages too. Thus, I think the people will not hesitate to work for Dell if they got offers from it. 2.2.2. Customers

Customers, usually, looking to buy a very know product, they see that the products with good reputation are powerful. They would like to buy goods that serve for long periods without any glitch. Dell from the beginning took this, quality of the products, in considerations. Dell products are powerful and last for long times without problems. Personally, I am using a Dell laptop and it is very powerful and better than other brands I used. As a conclusion, I think a lot of people or customers will put Dell in their top list when they are looking to buy a computer. 2.2.3. Suppliers

Suppliers, contribution channels, required in order to enter different markets, different countries. Companies will need a partners or suppliers to do distribute and sell their products in those countries. Suppliers prefer to deal with good brands to increase their sales. Thus, computer suppliers in different countries will eager to get a partnership with Dell to be an official supplier for Dell products in this country, any country. 2.2.4. Governments

Governments will be interested when Dell enter their countries for many reasons. First, this will enrich the economic. Second, the government will gain profit from the taxes of product sales. Finally, establishing a company in some country will reduce the number of unemployment; new company means new job opportunities for local people. Thus, governments will be happy if Dell invests in their countries. 2.2.5. Shareholders and investors

The main concern for shareholders and investors is the profit and the returns of...
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