Mgt 521 Communication Scenarios

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Communication Channel Scenarios
Response to certain scenarios, with which communication channel should be used Helen L Rivas
University of Phoenix

In the following pages you will find responses to certain scenarios and which communication channel is best. There are two (2) main forms of communication channels, oral communication and written communication (Robbins & Judge 2011). Within the two (2) forms of communication channels there are ten (10) different communication channels; “formal reports, memos and letters, prerecorded speeches, electronic mail, online discussion groups, voicemail, live speeches, telephone conversations, video conferences, and face to face conversations” (Robbins & Judge 2011). There will be three (3) different scenarios and I will be providing which communication channel works best in the scenario.

Communication Channel Scenarios
Scenarios and which communication channel works best
Scenario #1
‘You are a marketing manager for a new beverage that has done remarkable well in the United States after its introduction, especially in sports arenas such as football and basketball. The Vice President of Operations charged you and your team to develop a strategy for entering this new beverage into the global market. You need to take this task back to your team, provide them with the product details, and get them started as quickly as possible because they only have one week to develop a strategy.’ The best communication channel that would be used to interact with the team would be face to face conversations. I say this because the team only have one (1) week to develop their strategy. This means there is a time crunch and in a time crunch, it would be best that everyone gets together in the same room and develop a strategy. If another form of communication channel is used, such as e-mail it may take longer for the team to all get on the same page. This communication channel, e-mail would not allow the team to finish...
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