Communication Channels

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  • Published : September 25, 2011
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Communication Channels
Mai Chao Thao
MGT 521
May 29, 2011
John Farley

Communication Channels
Global marketing is a major leap for the business at hand; thus, it requires the richest communication channel, oral communication in the form of a conference. This form of communication is rapid and has a built-in feedback mechanism, which will lead to the creation of the most effective marketing strategy (Robbins, 2011). Additionally, oral communication minimizes confusion among the team members and allows both upward communication and downward communication. The presence of the upward communication is essential because it allows the team members the opportunity to solicit their thoughts and opinions to obtain the goal at hand (Robbins, 2011).

When presenting the developed strategy to the vice president of operations, the best channel of communication is still the same, oral communication in a conference. This channel, as previously stated, allows rapid feedback, and eliminates confusion; thus, it is the best communication channel to be used (Robbins, 2011). Furthermore, the situation is not a routine situation; it is very new and untouched area so using the richest form of communication will be more appropriate to achieving the best result (Robbins, 2011).

In the situation of the expired log in name and password for the travelling agency, the best form of communication to contact the IT department is an oral communication in the form of a phone conversation. This form of communication is the best choice based on the there is no computer access; thus, eliminating most electronic communication likes e-mail, IM, and social networking choices. A phone conversation is a rapid form of technology that allows the transfer of information and has a built-in feedback mechanism to clarify any confusion that can be brought up during the conversation (Robbins, 2011). However, when transmitting the new log in...
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