Synergetic Solutions

Topics: Management, Leadership, Organizational studies Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Week 4 Individual Assignment: Synergetic Solutions

Susana Pena

COM 530

Mark Busby

Univ. of Phoenix

February 5, 2013

* Describe at least three internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions. *
* The external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions include technology, economic shocks, and competition. Technology is the one force that has caused for companies in the technology business to stay innovated and have skills be up to date with the needs of customers. Synergetic Solutions made the attempt to rely on a type of business that would promote slow and steady change and for employees to sustain their skills for a long period of time. Technology is not slow and steady and companies are govern by the change of technology. The economic shocks of generating higher revenue by converting to a business form systems integrating to network solutions is based on the combination of external and internal change. Economic shocks are what allow companies to set goals toward generating more revenue. In the internal force of economic shocks, it came as a decision and a vision created by Synergetic Solutions’ CEO. That vision toward being able to change the priority of the business and focused on the using the most influential people in his company by training the brightest four engineers toward learning toward the networking solutions business. The growth of the company for business was at stake because of how the product of systems integrating is basically offered by employees who have minimal computer skills and basic troubleshooting skills. Clearly the other idea internal change came from the change agents of the CEO and the four engineers. The final external force of change came with competition. Competition was not even embedded in the organization’s culture because of the products and services that it provided. Now that Synergetic Solutions was beginning in the network solutions business, they had to declare that they...
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