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Dress 4 Less Clothing Store Project|
Diana Beltran|
MGMT404 Project Management


Scope Statement2
Goal Definition2
Keys to Success2
Project Objective3
Project Deliverables3
Technical Requirements4
Limitations and Exclusions5
Reporting Structure of Team Members5
Decision Making & Concern Level Matrix5

Project Organization Chart6
Work Breakdown Structure7
Risk Analysis7
Risk Assessment8
Market Analysis8
Market Analysis Summary8
Marketing Segementation9
Communication Plan10
Stakeholder List10
Communication Plan Matrix11
Technologies, Access Methods & Frequency of Communication12
Method for Updating the Communication Plan12
Existing Systems13
Escalation Process13



Goal Definition:
Our goal is to open a Dress 4 Less Clothing Store that not only has great prices, but also has great trends of fashion and offers a friendly customer service because customer satisfactions is the priority and have average sales between $100,000-1,000,000 per year. Goals that address the mission:

* The major focus of this project is to concentrate on the completion and profits that the company will make. * Provide a friendly customer satisfaction so that the customers will feel welcome every time they shop in our stores.

Keys to Success:
To succeed in this business we must:
* Create a unique, friendly, comfortable place for everyone that comes and shops with us. * Control costs at all times, in all areas and implement a conservative approach to growth policy. Although, we provide more than enough fund to open more than one outlet, we still have to make sure we are on the safe side of the business. * Sell the clothing that are of the highest quality, as well as keeping the customers happy with our prices. * Provide 100% satisfaction to our customers and maintaining the level of excellent services among other competitors. * Get access to high-traffic shopping malls

Building expansion including plans, permits, labor and materials - $1,400,000 Store interior including labor, display materials, graphics, A/V system, and security system - $900,000 Total Project Cost: $2,500,000

Project duration projected to be 10 months.

Project Objective:
‘The objective is to establish a new clothing store. The new store will be called “Dress 4 Less”; will be on a 4,000 square foot located at 215 North Avenue, DeVry City, DeVry, 90000. The project is to commence on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 and will complete no later than Monday, January 2, 2012. This store is being built to take advantage of the latest building materials and codes and will employ emerging technology to minimize energy consumption. To succeed over the long-term and generate revenue for turning a net profit and servicing a conventional loan obligation, the owners have established the following goals: * Maintain a Gross Margin of 65%

* Maintain a Net-Profit from Sales of 5% annually
* Maintain a Cost of Goods of less than 36% for clothes
* Maintain a Cost of Labor of less than 25% of revenue
* Maintain a Sales & Marketing budget of 1.9%

Project Deliverables:
This is a Fixed-Price Contract
Contractor commitment estimate is U.S. $2,250,000
Upon completion, the new property will include the following as described in the detailed speci?cations and blueprint: * Landscaping
* Main Building—2,500 sq. ft.
* A 2,500 sq. ft., 1 bathroom, break room, and 5 dressing rooms, finished store. * Product quality: Not only great clothing for the family but also great customer service and prices.

Completion of the project must be accomplished by January 2, 2012. Progress milestones associated with the project are as...
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