Mgm255 Phase 2 Db

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Discuss the cultural change within your selected company.
Maybelline is all about making men and women feel good about themselves. As a company they want to make sure that the person feels good in their own skin. As one of most leading companies in the world they strive to look for the face of Maybelline and who will be representing their products. One change they have had is having contracts with celebrities to promote their products and bring in more clientele.  

Is the change making the company more efficient and increasing profitability?  
The change is making the company more efficient because by bringing celebrities and having contracts with them goes to show the customers that this line is what makes all these celebrities look beautiful. Customers are always looking to see what celebrities are always wearing to be able to recreate their look and make-up is one of them. What better way to boost up those sales is by having celebrities promote the line?  

Discuss with your colleagues 1 advantage of cultural change and 1 disadvantage of cultural change.  
An advantage of the change is promoting new products and bringing in new clientele one disadvantage would be having celebrities promote your product with out using it first.  
Provide an example of a cultural change you have experienced, and explain its effects on an organization that you worked for.  
A cultural change that I have experienced in the pass was my hours being cut at work due to the economy. The company proceeded in cutting everyone’s hours, in which resulted all employees leaving the company at the same time. This company was a family owned business so they were the ones handling the office until they found new employees to work the hours that they wanted.  
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