Metrosexuals Come Out

Topics: David Beckham, Masculinity, Metrosexual Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Metrosexuals Come Out
Warren St. John
The article I chose to do my research paper on is Metrosexuals Come Out by Warren St. John. I chose this article because I have heard of the term metrosexual, but I never had a full understanding of what it means or who it was referring to. What is a metrosexual? According to Metrosexuals Come Out, it’s a feminized man. Most men who take care of themselves fall way short of being a metrosexual. The term metrosexual only applies to a small group of men. According to the article more products that were usually reserved for female consumers are now being marketed towards men. It’s true that more products are being geared towards this “New Age” man. However, sales of the products aren’t where they could be because marketers haven’t figured out how to market to the Middle Man. (The man between being a “manly man”, and being a “metrosexual”).

Marketer’s use various tactics to get male consumers to buy their products. One way to get male consumers attention is thru celebrity endorsements. The article mentions an English soccer star named David Beckham. Beckham is sort of a spokesperson for metrosexuals. He paints his fingernails, braids his hair and poses for gay magazines, all while maintaining a manly profile and staying assured of his heterosexuality. Another way to get male consumers attention is by using clever packaging. The article refers to a man named Oliver Sweatman. He is the chief executive of Sharps, a new line of grooming products aimed at young urban men. According to Sweatman, in order to lure manly men to buy his new-age shaving gels- which contain roman chamomile, gotu kola and green tea- the packaging has to be clever. He uses a mixture of old and new imagery. The fonts recall the masculinity of an old barber shop, but a funny picture of a goat on the label implies something out of the ordinary.

With all the effort that marketers put into gearing their products to this “New Age” man, is it working?...
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