Homosexuallity Coming Out

Topics: High school, Homosexuality, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (880 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Have you ever wondered what was the most memory or moment in your life growing up or an event that made you who you are today? Well there were so many memories in my life or situations that made me who I am today, there was a time when I was not sure what my orientation was, as my secret began to overwhelmed me with stress and awareness, and when I wanted came out to the people that were close to me and tell them that I was and still am a homosexual. Before I revealed my sexual orientation to everyone, I was wondering if I was homosexual or not, it started in the beginning of September in 2009. During My last year of Junior High at Luther Jackson Middle School, as I always hanged out with my friends and experienced middle school, I started paying attention to guys more often than I did, it me think about them and felt attracted to them. After a while I started having feelings towards my best friend Fernando Noda. We always spent a lot of time and had fun together, but during the time I was still too nervous and scared to tell him or anyone. It would always build more pressure the longer I kept my secret. As soon as middle school was over, a couple months after I was moving away from Fairfax County to Prince William County. My thoughts about our Family were depressing. I never wanted to move because I did not want to leave my friends and of course my best friend Fernando. as weeks past I did not like the new place our family was moving to. The longer we stayed in Prince William County, the more my depression grew. I was still never able to tell him about my feelings for him and to this day I regret still regret that I never told him, but hopefully in time I will be able to visit him to tell him what I feel.

As soon as my family and I moved in and settled in Prince William County, my mother was registering me to Osbourn Park High School. During my first year of Osbourn Park High I never thought I was ever welcomed and believed to be thought of as an outcaste...
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