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Questionnaires and schedules are very much used in gathering a variety of data. They have been used for the collection of personal preferences, social beliefs, attitudes, opinions, behavior patterns, group practices, habits and other kinds of data. The increasing use of schedules and questionnaires is probably due to increased emphasis by social scientists on quantitative measure¬ment of uniformly accumulated data. A questionnaire is a tool for data collection. It consists of a number of questions printed or typed in a definite order on a form or a set of forms. It is administered to a respondent either person¬ally or through mail. The respondent answers the questions on his own without being aided. Questionnaires are now widely used collecting data, particularly when data are to be collected from a large number of people who are scattered over a wide area. They are used both as indepen¬dent and separate method of collecting data. They are also used as an additional device to check data gathered through observation and personal interview. Definition of Questionnaire:

1. “A questionnaire is a means of gathering information by having the respondents fill in answers to printed questions” —Wallace and Wallace. 2. “Fundamentally, the questionnaire is a set of stimuli to which literate people are exposed in order to observe their verbal behavior under these stimuli —Lundberg. 3. Good and Hatte define questionnaire as a device for securing answers to questions using a form which the respondent fills in himself 4. Questionnaire studies are systematic ways of asking questions under scientific controls. A questionnaire is a device in which the respondents fill in their responses in specified manner personally.

Questionnaire and the Interview Guide:
The questionnaire is designed to collect data from large, diverse and widely scattered groups of people. The questionnaire is generally sent through e mail to the informants to be answered as specified and...
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