Research in Nursing Profession

Topics: Cleanliness, Inflammation, Hygiene Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Background of the study
Our study’s scope is within the local, specifically the post-partum mother.


hypothesis:based on questions asked :D of course we need a questionnaire for this matter :D

Significance of the study
1. For mothers - Cleanliness in the perineal area is important, so as to decrease the risk of infection and to promote blood flow. 2. Individuals who would extend their knowledge about said intervention. 3. For students who is interested on this kind of management. 4. To determine effectiveness of decreasing risk of vaginal soreness. 5. To effectively care the laceration made.

6. Relieve of inflammatory process.
need to elaborate

Scope and limitation of the study

* Scope of our study would be post-partum mothers who undergone interventions such as “agsidur” * People who has benefited with this said intervention * Effectiveness of this medical management

* The participants, it is quite hard to gather participants because we don’t know if they will like to be interviewed or not. * The location, as to location we cannot just find post-partum mothers anywhere. There is a specific location where we can find one, hospital. * Availability of the participants

* Money
* Time

Definition of terms

1. Sitz bath – it is a method use by mothers for relieving perineal pain and discomfort. 2. Hemorrhoids – these are overlying dilated veins in the rectal margin. 3. Perineal area – an area in the body where you can find the female or male genitalia of a being. 4. Hygiene – it is the act of being clean

5. Laceration – ragged wound
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