Methodology: Transference Number

Topics: Sulfuric acid, Electrolysis, Sodium hydroxide Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The reagents used for this experiment were the following:
* Methyl red
* 0.1M Nitric Acid
* 0.5M Copper sulfate – sulfuric acid mixture
* 0.1M Sodium hydroxide
* Acetone
* Distilled water
The apparatus used were the following:
* Phywe Transference Number Apparatus
* Analytical Balance
* Buret
* Beaker
* pipet
The experiment starts off with the preparation of the set-up for the transference vessel. Fill the double U-tube with 0.1M Nitric acid. The double U-tube should be filled to the same level in the three legs even after the electrodes were placed. Immerse the double U-tube in a 4L beaker filled with water up to approximately 2cm below the lateral connecting tubes. Measure the weight of the copper strips. These strips will serve as the cathode and anode of the coulometer. Immersed the strips on a 250ml beaker filled with H2SO4 / 0.5M CuSO4 solution. Connect the coulometer, transference vessel and the multimeter in series; connect the power supply with the connection cables. Wait for 60 to 90 minutes for the electrolysis at approximately 50 mA held constant. While waiting for the electrolysis to finish, we check the initial concentration of the Nitric acid by titrating it with 0.1M NaOH using methyl red as the indicator. After the electrolysis, we take 5ml samples on the left and right side of the double U-tube (the anode and cathode regions of the transference vessel) and then titrate them to determine the concentration. Wash the copper strips with acetone and dry them in air before measuring them again.
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