Topics: Catalase, Titration, Water Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Procedures for Part A:
For Activity A, we first tested enzyme activity. First, we used an H2O2 syringe to transfer 10 mL of H2O2 into an unlabeled 60-mL cup. Then, we used a transfer pipet to add one mL of catalase solution into the unlabeled 60-mL cup that we put H2O2 in. After that, we observed the solution for one minute. Then we tested the effect of boiling on enzyme activity. First we used a transfer pipet to transfer 4 mL of catalase into a test tube. After that, we placed the test tube filled with catalase in a boiling water bath for five minutes. While we were waiting, we rinsed the unlabeled cup we used earlier when we tested enzyme activity. Then we used a H2O2 syringe to transfer 10 mL of H2O2 into the rinsed unlabeled cup. After five minutes, we transferred 1 mL of the boiling catalase into the unlabeled cup with H2O2 in it with an unused transfer pipet and observed the results. After testing the effect of boiling on enzyme activity, we tested for catalase in living tissue. First, we rinsed the unlabeled 60 mL cup we used earlier. Then, we used a scalpel to cut a small piece of liver. After that, we macerated the piece of liver with a glass rod. When the liver was macerated enough, we put it in a cup with 10 mL of H2O2, which was transferred into the cup with a H2O2 syringe. Lastly, we observed the cup. Procedures for Part B:

First, we used a clean syringe labeled H2O2 and filled it with H202. Then, we transferred the contents of the syringe into a 60 mL cup labeled Baseline. Second, we used the plastic transfer pipet to add 1 mL of distilled water and added it to the Baseline cup. Third, we used the syringe labeled H2O2 to add 10 mL of H2O2 and transfer that into the Baseline cup. Fourth, we gently swirled the contents of the Baseline cup to mix the solution. Then, we used the syringe labeled Transfer and removed 5 mL of the solution in the Baseline cup into the cup labeled Titration. Lastly, we titrated the 5 mL sample of the Baseline solution....
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