Phlebotomy Tubes

Topics: Blood, Liver, Platelet Pages: 3 (521 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Tube color: Lavender
Department: Hematology
Additive: EDTA
Additive purpose: Binds to Ca in the blood to prevent clotting Centrifuged?: No
Why?: Need whole blood.
Special Considerations: invert 6-8x, fill 2/3 of the way full. Tests preformed: CBC, RBC, WBC, WBC Diff, Hct (% of RBCs), Hgb (weight of hemoglobin), Platelet Count, SED Rate (looks for inflammation, also can be drawn in black tube), HGBA1C (3mnth cal for diabetes)

Tube color: LT. Blue
Department: Coagulation
Additive: Sodium Citrate
Additive purpose: prevents clotting
Centrifuged?: No
Why?: Need plasma for testing.
Special Considerations: invert 6-8x, fill tube 9:1 ratio (9 parts blood to 1 part additive) Tests preformed: PT AKA. Protime/Prothrombin (monitors Coumadin) , APPT AKA. apTT/PTT/Activated Partial Thrombo Plastin Time(monitors heparin), Fibrinogin (weighs), Thrombin AKA TT (clotting time adding thrombin), Factor Assays (clotting factor deficiencies)

Tube color: Green
Department: Chemistry
Additive: Sodium and Heparin
Additive purpose: prevents clotting by inhibiting thrombin
Centrifuged?: Yes
Why?: Need Plasma
Special Considerations: invert 6-8x, ammonia level (place on ice-water mixture/deliver to lab w/I 20 min), green tube with gel @ bottom is SST Tube (separates plasma) Tests preformed: Chemistry plasma, STAT electrolytes, ammonium, cardiac enzymes

Tube color: Red
Department: Chemistry
Additive: None
Centrifuged?: Yes
Why?: Need serum for testing.
Special Considerations: let set and clot for a/b 30 min-1hr, Red tube with gel @ bottom is SST tube (separates serum) Tests preformed: Albumin (liver function), amylase (pancreatic function), bilirubin (liver function, shield from light), blood urea nitrogen AKA BUN (kidney function), Calcium (parathyroid function), carcinoembryonic antigen AKA CEA (monitors cancer progress), Cholesterol (cardiac risk monitoring, fasting), creatinine (kidney function), digoxin (monitoring of cardiac medication), dilatin...
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