Methodology Essay

Topics: Quantitative research, Qualitative research, Research Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Methodology essay

While conducting research there are many different methods in which to find out results. It is essential to use and carry out the best form of research technique in order to gain the best and most accurate results for the intended piece of research. Firstly the researcher should be able to identify if they need primary or secondary research to gain data upon before they start identifying which different techniques they should use. Primary research looks into a topic or choice that no other researcher has yet to conduct. It may be a brand new topic, possibly research into a new company, medicine, or new piece legislation and its affects. Primary research tends to gain results from qualitative methods such as questionnaires, interviews, observation and focus groups. It helps provide a standardisation in data collection. Secondary research is where another researcher has already compiled research into a topic and has published their findings, through channels such as journals, case studies and websites. There can be a combination or both primary and secondary data used in order to achieve results for a research topic. This is when the researcher plans to dwell further into research of another’s work or begins to use some data to gain more results using more primary data through interviews and questionnaires to gain more accurate, personal information. Secondary research would use tend to focus mainly on quantitative data, looking at statistics possibly through other’s experiments and focuses on facts and analysis them to gain results. As I have intended to find out a topic of research that focuses on employee’s motivation and attitude towards their workload from the performance appraisal, that has yet to be a targeted piece of research before, I will be looking to use primary research techniques though questionnaires and interviews. This is the only way possible as employees feeling and attitudes cannot be recorded by statistics, and...
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