Explain with Examples How Different Market Research Methods are Appropriate to Assist Different Marketing Situations

Topics: Qualitative research, Focus group, Marketing research Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: November 4, 2012
M1: Explain, with examples, how different market research methods are appropriate to assist different marketing situations. Looking back at the market research methods that could be used to collect information, methods such as questionnaires/ survey, observation, focus groups, experimentation, internet, website monitoring etc. I am going to select 3 primary and 3 secondary methods of research from the ones I have written about. I have chosen 3 primary researches which are: •Focus groups

I have chosen 3 secondary researches which are:
Data records
I am working for the NHS and they have asked me to find out how effective the use of leaflets is within the hospital. In order to find this out I could use an online survey to check if people are aware of the leaflets. Using a survey is quick as it is easy for respondents to use however some respondents such as old people may not be able to use the computer. Also using an online survey is quick because the data is inputted straight away and gives quick results. Also using an online survey is easy, this means that it is easy to access however it may not be representative as some people may not be able to use the technology or may not have the technology available to them which may render the data invalid and unreliable. Also I, using a survey to find out how effective the use of leaflets are in the hospital will provide lots of quantitative data and some qualitative data. It is excellent for collecting a large sample of information. However this depends on the type of survey I use because a postal survey may not generate a large sample of information for the NHS and the information may also not be representative. Also I could use focus groups that could take place inside the hospital to firstly see if people are aware of any leaflets around them. Using focus group to see if people are aware about the educational leaflets would provide excellent information...
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