Method Production of Ethanol from Banana Waste

Topics: Agriculture, Water, Waste management Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The treatment is dedicated to finding solutions to agricultural problems by developing alternatives that maintain levels of production while cultivating healthy foods, preserving the health of farmers, and not polluting surrounding ecosystems. The banana industry creates many by-products that result from the harvesting and processing of bananas. These by-products are banana peels, banana stems, and liquid wastes. Currently these wastes are dumped in landfills, rivers, oceans and unregulated dumping grounds. When they reach these destinations, they form huge masses of putrefying wastes that attract insects and scavengers, spread disease, contaminate groundwater, and have foul odors that can be smelled for miles around (Leon, 1997). Effective Microorganisms (EM) are currently being used in many countries as a beneficial microbial inoculate for processing organic materials so that they can be recycled back into agricultural systems (Afzal et al, 1994). Experiments were carried out using EM to process all forms of banana wastes into rich amendments that can improve soil structure and increase crop yields and quality. The products made using wastes from the banana industry can be used as beneficial microbial inoculates for soil regeneration and fertilization (Higa, 1996). Trials were undertaken with banana peels and liquid wastes from the banana purée processing plant. These materials were processed for agricultural use. Controlled experiments were carried out using EM and liquid waste applied to sweet corn. General guidelines were determined for quickly and efficiently making large quantities of solid waste into bokashi.

Solid wastes from the banana industry are processed alone or mixed with other easily obtained materials. The materials are chopped, mixed well and inoculated. Ten corn plants from each of two replications of each treatment were harvested on the same day. Immediately after harvesting, information was collected. Each block...
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