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Wave Watch 3 Installation Guide
Chirag Dekate, August 6, 2006 This document how to compile and run the Wave Watch 3 (WW3) model. The main steps involved are :

1. Checkout WW3 module from the CCT CVS server. The checkout includes WW3 source code, WW3 model configuration files, compilation scripts, run management python codes. 2. Compile the WW3 source code to generate and install all needed binaries 3. Run the WW3 model.

4. Run the WW3 SCOOP usecase test and verify results.
1 Checkout WW3 Module
From the SCOOP CVS repository1 at CCT checkout the WW3 module. cvs -d co ww3
The directory structure in the WW3 module includes2 :
• aux/ : Fortran 77 sourcecode for auxiliary programs that are used in the compilation and linking of the WW3 source code.
• bin/ : Executables(w3adc, w3list, w3prnt, w3split), compilation configuration files(link, comp) and compilation scripts (w3 make) to be used in compilation of Wave Watch 3 source- code.

• exe/ : Contains SCOOP usecase specific pre and post processing executables (ww3 netcdf reader, coamps, and main WW3 executables.
• ftn/ : Fortran 90 source code of the core WW3 model and associated Makefile. 1
For access to CVS at CCT contact scoop 2
Recommended WW3 directory structure is also described in the user guide: 222.pdf
• inp/ : Contains sample WW3 model configuration files (ww3grid.inp, ww3shel.inp, ww3prep.inp, ww3outp.inp, ww3outf.inp, ww3strt.inp). Please refer to the Appendix section for descrip- tion of these configuration files.

• mod/ : Stores module files that are generated during the WW3 compilation process. • obj/ : Object files that are created during the WW3 compilation process. • tmp/ : Temporary files that are created in the process of compilation and linking. • examples/ : Contains a complete example required to test the validity of the binaries and compatibility of compute resource for the SCOOP WW3 usecase • tools/: Contains source for the pre and post processing codes used in the SCOOP usecase, and source for utilities used to access the SCOOP Archive. 2 Compiling and Installing Wave Watch 3

Create a file .wwatch3.env in your home directory which contains: WWATCH3_LPR
In the aux/ directory compile the following programs with your fortran 90 compiler. These executables will be used in the compilation and linking of the core WW3 executables : f90 w3adc.f -o ../bin/w3adc

f90 w3list.f -o ../bin/w3list
f90 w3prnt.f -o ../bin/w3prnt
f90 w3split.f -o ../bin/w3split
Enter information about your fortran 90 compiler, MPI-linked F90 compiler (e.g. mpif90 or xlf90) in the files comp and link located in the bin/ directory.
comp :
sec. 2.b : Provide correct compiler/options.
sec. 3.a : Provide correct error capturing.
sec. 3.d : Remove unnecessary files.
link :
sec. 3 : Provide correct link command
Wave Watch 3 SCOOP Installation Guide : 2
Sample files for the Intel Fortran compiler (suffix:-ifort) and xlf (suffix:-xlf) are provided in the bin/ directory for reference. Additional specific information about these should be available in Section 5.4 of the official documentation [1].

To compile the final WW3 executables, in the bin/ directory execute ./w3_make
In some cases w3 make might have to be run repeatedly in order to make the executables3 . This...
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