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Broward Marine Fire
After reading this weeks’ topic on Broward Marine Fire; there are many challenges that put a focus on the major details of the fire. The most challenges that stuck out were the lack of communication in the reporting process from the top of the command to the bottom to the firefighter. Without the lack of communication can lead to a bad result in having too many firefighters inside or not enough on the scene. With another thing that was stressed upon the reading was that the building had several violations to the electrical system. With the problem with the electrical system it stopped any information getting to the command by the way of any fire boxes. It was found with that the electrical system was in turmoil. The building was cited by many fire codes and at many different times. Another factor that was a problem that firefighter noticed once they have entered the structure they noticed that their wasn’t any fire extinguishers installed throughout the fire scene. The other factor that was a major problem in the fire was the way the hazardous material was stored and handled. The fire code needs to be looked at and it tells firefighter that the fire inspectors should have caught all the deficiencies long before the fire started on that tragic day. With the lack of inspections created a risk of the building to have a result of structural collapse. Firefighters put there life on the line like they do everyday. With the lack of any safety devices throughout the building it was found that their weren’t any fatalities or any injuries to any of the fire crews or to any victims that might be inside. Firefighters are well trained at what they do and learn to adapt too many different scenarios that they are out in.

FEMA (1996). Broward Marine Fire; U.S. Fire Administration/ Technical Report Series USFA-TR-101
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