Computer Systems Used in Surgeries and How This Technology Is Going to Replace Doctors

Topics: Surgery, Robotic surgery, Knee replacement Pages: 7 (2260 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Computer Systems used In Surgeries and how this technology is going to replace doctors in Saudi Arabia

II How does CAS perform ?
A What is CAS?
1. Definition
2. Theory
a. Algorithm
B What does it consist of?
1. The operation system
2. Software for analyzing
a. How to create 3D model
b. Path planning file
C stages of data registration
1. Fixation
a. Technique of positioning the patient
a.1 knee surgery technique
2. intra-surgical
` a. what is it
III What are some comparative results between using computers in some surgeries and doing surgeries without computers ? A CAS in Total Knee Replacement surgery
1. Brief information about Knee Joint
2. Difficulties faced in knee replacement surgery
a. Success statistics
3. How this surgery is done
b. Simple definition
c. examples of knee injuries
b.1 sport injuries
4. Comparative results
d. Without using CAS
e. By using CAS

B da Vinci Surgical System
1. Brief history and achievements about the system
2. Components of the system
a. The surgeon console
b. Patient side cart
c. Endo wrist instruments
d. HD vision system
3. Statistics about reducing hospitals stays
e. Less money will be paid
4. Uses of Da Vinci surgical system in Saudi Arabia
a. King Khalid University hospital in Riyadh

IV How can this technology replace doctors in the future? A IBM’s supercomputer “Watson” and the artificial intelligence 1. What is Watson
2. How this intelligent supercomputer beat doctors
a. Diagnose medical illness
b. Recommend treatment options
3. Efficiency of Watson
1. Giving the fast diagnosis ever

Hospitals are getting crowded and lots of surgeries are being operated at the same time. This problem leads to increases in the cost of surgeries because there is a lack in number of doctors. One smart way to solve this problem is to find any replacement for doctors and nothing but computers can do the same job with lower cost, faster time and more precision. First of all, the report will show what is CAS and how does it work in surgeries, in order to make the reader understand what technology I’m talking about and to clarify some terminologies. Second, the report talks about some of the surgeries that is performed by computer based machines such as Total Knee Replacement and Hips replacement. Third, the report will discuss some of the comparative results between using CAS in surgeries or operating surgeries without any computers with some quantitative and qualitative information in order to evaluate this technology and to proof how safe, fast and accurate it is in surgeries. Fourth, the report will discuss how this technology is going to improve and fully replace doctors and physicians in the future in order to show how people will accept this. Fifth, the report discusses IBM’s supercomputer “Watosn” and some of the challenges this computer has faced in order to show some of the real examples and to proof that computers has more advantages in real life over the traditional way. Sixth, the report will show some other uses of computers in medicine and healthcare to indicate that computers will make out life easier. How does CAS perform?

Computer assisted surgery is a set of surgical methods and concepts that are implemented by a computer to help in surgical planning. Basically, it helps in developing an accurate model of the patient by conducting some image analysis. By using software, the gathered data from the analysis before, can be processed and compiled to give an accurate 3D model of the patient. This model creates “path planning” file that has all the movements and the...
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