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Topics: Retailing, Visual merchandising, Retail design Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: February 14, 2013

In this essay I will be analysing three different companies and how the five retail policies affect their targeting market. The retail policies are; Pricing - The Federal Trade Commission, Opening hours – Business Trading Hours Law, Visual merchandising displays - Service level , Use of internet and other media.

Debenhams (opening hours): this company has to stores that close at different hours in different county. For example: the shop that is located in basil don has to be closed before 6pm and the one in lakeside shut at 8pm. This is due to the opening and closing hours of the shopping mall at this different locations and the company have to follow it because if they don’t, the company will be facing charges. This relates to the type of people they are targeting in two different locations because the Debenhams in Basildon Is targeting at people that want to take a trip to Debenhams during the day and the one at lakeside is targeting at people who still want to go into debhams at late hours; could be after work.

Use of online internet and other media (very this is an online shopping company that sells a vast amount of different type of things. The online shopping policy states that all companies that gets involved in online transaction have to give their customers a complete briefing of the purchase and every customer is protected by the sales of goods act, this means that the company must not leak any information about any customer. The fact that this company is online based, makes it possible for them to target everyone who as access to the internet. Almost every home in Britain have access to internet, this means that the company is liable to be getting a lot of customers visiting their website every day.

Visual merchandise (top shop): the overall purpose of a company’s location and a company’s shop is to attract customers and top shop as a company will attract customers to their shop by putting some of their best outfits on...
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