Merdeka Day Celebration

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Merdeka Day Celebration
On 31st of August 2012, our nation is 55 years old. 31st of August 1957 is an important date to remember in every single citizen of Malaysia due to it was the day our country achieved independence from Britain. The celebration of Merdeka Day was grand due to it is an important day for every Malaysian. As a student from Institut Pendidikan Guru, I had the chance to celebrate merdeka day in Stadium Bukit Jalil with others because I was going to have choir human graphic performance on that particular day in the year of 2012. By using LED board with some accessories such as remote control, tripod stand and batteries, we were able to perform choir human graphic. With excited, we were being trained by the instructors for the performance for 6 days which was from 25th of August 2012 to 30th of August 2012. Departing from our IPG Campus Ipoh in the morning of 25th August 2012, we moved to our “new hostels” which was located at College 11 of University Putra Malaysia. After practised for a few days, we had rehearsals for all the performances before the day of merdeka.

On 31st of August, we had our dinner at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Going to the Stadium Bukit Jalil by buses, we spent more minutes than usual as there was a heavy traffic. Police were carried out their duties to block some roads which is near to the Stadium Bukit Jalil. We arrived at the stadium at about 4.30 p.m., there were crowded by people with different races, cultures and religions since Malaysia is an united country which is famous with multiraces living together in a country. Many volunteers from NGOs, such as Red Crescent Society, Civil Defence and St. John Ambulance were well prepared when we arrived there. They carried out their duties in case of any emergency cases happen.

Although the celebration begun at 8 p.m., but we prepared well with all our accessories and LED board in our sit at 5 o’clock in the evening. Due to the people in the stadium is 10,000, we were...
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