Merchant Banking

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Question Bank - Merchant Banking and Financial Services (MBFS) Unit – 1
Part –A
1.Describe the various factors of Indian financial system?
2.Nature and functions of merchant banking?
3.Explain various pre issue activities?
4.What is rights issue? Explain the futures of rights issue? 5.Discuss recent challenges and developments of merchant bankers in India?

1.Explain the various aspects of Post and pre issue activities? 2.Various regulations of Merchant banking in India?
Unit - 2
Part – A
1.Differentiate between Operating lease and financial lease? 2.Explain different types of leasing?
3.Explain the differences in recourse factoring and non recourse factoring? 4.What are the advantages of forfeiting?
5.Explain the rights of Hire vendor and Hirer?
6.Differentiate Bill discounting and Factoring?
Part – B
1.Differentiate Leasing and hire purchasing?
2.Explain Factoring and Types of factoring?
Unit – 3
Part – A
1.Explain the role of various entities involved in the organizational set up of mutual funds? 2.Explain offshore funds and money market mutual funds?
3.What is NAV? How is it benefits the investors?
4.Explain credit rating system? And its use?
5.Explain the various processes involved in credit rating agencies? 6.What are the benefits of CRA’s? Who are the beneficiaries of the rating services? Part – B
1.Explain the concept of mutual fund and its types?
2.Write note on the evolution and development of mutual fund industry in India? Unit – 4
Part – A
1.What are the key factors that affect the acceptability of venture capital investment?
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