Mera Wala

Topics: Paint, Titanium dioxide, Pigment Pages: 6 (2111 words) Published: December 15, 2012
And it all started with the 'Mera Wala' campaign. "The tagline became so popular that people would go up to stores and ask for 'mera wala blue' or 'mera wala green'," says Amit Syngle, VP - sales & marketing, Asian Paints. "It became a generic term and showed the involvement of people with the campaign." The commercial and the subsequent Asian Paints campaigns marked a beginning of a bond for Piyush Pandey, executive chairman & creative director - South Asia, Ogilvy with the brand that would make 'Fevicol ka mazboot zod' proud. The 'Mera Wala' campaign started out in the early nineties and also marked Asian Paints' entry into corporate advertising. Prior to that "Apcolite, which was their flagship product wasn't even advertised that much", says Abhijit Avasthi, NCD, Ogilvy India. "The market wasn't that evolved, there were very few competitors. So, they could bravely go on-air and say they had every colour and shade possible." The only exterior paint offering they had was a brand known as Utsav. The communication for this was based on the Indian tradition of painting houses before a major festival such as Diwali or Pongal. "The tone at the time was warm and emotional", says Awasthi. "When they launched their formal exterior paint offering — Ace and Apex — the communication became rational and demonstrative. The idea of giving that much importance to exteriors was something relatively new to Indians." In the early 2000s, the company began to expand its offerings. From paints and colours, they moved to home decor. And 'Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai' was born. "We found that it made an emotional connect with consumers," says Syngle, adding: "A lot of energy and passion went into creating a home and they could identify with that." Even as consumers and the Indian market has evolved, home-decor has remained the benchmark or the emotional plank for every paint company. Asian Paints decided to add a fresh coat and make painting 'fun and convenient' using the online platform. About the latest brand-campaign, "'Nahi Bhaiya' is now a part of the lingo, the way 'Badhiya Hai' became extremely popular", says Syngle. He adds that the brand has gone from the space of being only trustworthy and popular to now being contemporary and modern. A brand that has a global outlook but is still "Indian at heart". Paints can broadly be classified as decorative and industrialon the basis of the end use . The Indian market is dominated by the decorative segment , which comprises almost 705 of consumption as compared to developed countries where theindustrial segment is more dominant. The ratio in Indian isalso likely to shift more towards industrial segment ,especially with growth in the auto and white goods industry.The unorganized sector has historically been dominant due tothe high excise structure .Over the last five years , the exciserates have come down drastically from40% to 18% resultingin erosion of the unorganized sector’s share. The paintindustry is characterized by low fixed asset intensity (as essentially it is a mixing process ) but high working capitalintensity (as the number of shades is large and there isseasonally in demand) . The main investment s are in brand building and distribution infrastructure. New trends areemerging in technology and marketing Introduction of tintingmachines at the dealer/ retailer level will bring down workingcapital costs .Also new technology is being used for increasing the utility and life span of paints . The outlook for the industry is positive especially given thegood prospect for automotive and white goods industry .Moreover , housing is government incentives. The supplysituations remain a cause for concern and will keep pricesunder check . The Key to success will be innovativemarketing . Thus, we prefer Asian paints within the sector ,which has a proven track , record in innovation and inindomitable in the decorative segment. Decorative Paints SegmentMarket Size (Rs mn)

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