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Believe in Happier Tomorrow
This new ad commercial launched in December 2011 by Coca-Cola was christened as "Believe in happier tomorrow". The Beverage giant continued with the same message of “Open Happiness” unlike its rival Pepsi who keeps changing their theme (From Youngistan to Wow). This ad, as stated earlier, is more or less on the same lines with its Diwali Counterpart where the main theme was to spread happiness and feeling of togetherness. It was fashioned to spawn the much needed positive vibes and optimism at the time when the world is sceptical as it is entering the last year of the Mayan calendar.

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The ad starts with a bunch of enthusiastic kids singing “Umeedo wali Dhoop, Sunshine wali aasha” in a melodious synchronization composed by Shantanu Moitra and followed by a series of messages accompanied by video frames and image stills with a strong hidden message.

Message was beautifully weaved with following pairs of contrasting emotions:  For every one tank made, there are 1,31,000 stuffed toys'.  'For every fence that one puts, there are 15,00,000 Welcome mats',  'There are some ignoring the environment, but 30,00,000 trees are being planted every day',

 'For every grown up who can't write, there are 15 kids who can read a fairy tale',  'LOVE has more hits than FEAR',
 'While so many believe we are nearing the end, there are 50,00,000 people sending New Year wishes',
 'While some fight over petty issues, millions share a Coca-Cola every day' The ad created by McCann Erickson beautifully uses different object and Sequences in the videos like soft toys to portray love and affection; Welcome mates to demonstrate that people still invites each other in their happiness and sorrows and several others to give you the feeling of good things around you. The song, the video and the phrase works in tandem to create a feel good factor and hence, to an extent, achieve its aim...
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